I’ve never been one for writing or sharing my thoughts, and I’ve noticed more and more people have been using Tumblr. Not being one to miss out, I was sitting in my living room this morning, surrounded by my dogs, and I thought why not give it a go.

So, here I am.



I’m having a quiet weekend, having barely recovered from London Pride last week. And what a Pride! The last time I marched in London Pride was 1996.

Pride 1996 was a seminal moment in my life, because it’s where I was first introduced to the fetish world. I travelled down from the north west on the bus, and made my way to the parade start point. Went on the march, which was awesome and then made my way to Clapham Common. It was here that I realised I had lost my bus ticket home.

Being only 21, I wasn’t phased by this and decided I’d still have a good time (well, it was either this or phoning my mother to tell her I was stuck in London - not a good plan…!). Whilst wandering around the Common I came across a beer tent surrounded by men in leather.

This was a sight I will never forget. 

I hovered around this tent for hours…in my cream jeans and t-shirt (very unappealing to your average leatherman, I’m sure!) and was spotted by a couple of guys, one of them came over and started talking to me. It was all very innocent (or so I thought), and it turned out his mate was from Manchester, and they offered me a lift home. (Great - no need to call mum..!)



Needless to say, I took up the offer - perhaps a little too eagerly..! The journey home started with a detour into the Coleherne. I’d never been into a leather bar, and well, I was blown away - but also, very intimidated. Talk about feeling like new meat!! We only had a pint, but I was mesmerised by the sense of sleaze, the smell of leather and sweat, and the men.

We left and headed on the journey back north, and as it was late, stayed at one of the guys place in the midlands. It was here, that I got my first real experience - there was bondage, leather, tt, cbt - nothing heavy by any stretch of the imagination…unfortunately, I was so pent up it took me all of about 20 minutes to blow my load…

The whole experience was an epiphany. I knew I had found what I craved. What I needed. Who I am. A kinkster, a perv, a leatherman, and now a rubberman.

Instead of getting the bus home that night 17 years ago, I started a whole different journey - one which I’m still travelling (and loving!!).


Text and Photographs copyright @Leatherfella75