The Amsterdam Kink Academy (AKA) is a group of gay fetish enthusiasts who arrange events for the community to provide more information on fetish and kink activities. All the members are members of BLUF and some of the events are done in association with BLUF.

AKA wishes to promote safe play by means of teaching, informing and providing a space for likeminded individuals to meet. Playing safe in this context includes, but goes beyond mere STD's as some kinks, if executed poorly, can be life-threatening. It is our hope that, once people into the same kink meet up, new (independent) initiatives appear to expand all our possibilities of play.

This is a non-commercial organization, we never get involved in money. All the work we do is purely voluntary. This does not mean that all of our events are free! We rely on gay businesses to host the events and any commercial aspect to the event is conducted by the gay business in question.

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