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Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Where: Dirty Dicks

When : Sat Oct 24, 1300-1500

Grab, Twist and Please
CBT or Cock and Ball Torture has a bad reputation. The thoughts of any kind of torture makes most uneasy. Add on the fact it is being done to the cock and balls and you will watch a large number of men quickly wince in pain. But CBT can be fun! For both people involved! This workshop was developed to help break down the myths and stereotypes about the pleasures that can come from CBT. From the simple squeeze to ball pressing we will be looking at various forms of CBT and how to introduce it to those who are nervous about trying it.

Presented by : Dan Madden


Electro Workshop

Where: Eagle Amsterdam

When: Sat Oct 24 1300-1500

(Description TBD)


Presented by : Sir Robert




Fear Workshop 

Where: Dirty Dicks

When: Sat Oct 24 1530-1730

Wanna learn some of the most deranged ways to fuck with someone’s head? Come spend a few hours with Master Olivier and his pup, and have a little taste of the pleasures of sadistic hell. In this class along with learning the basics of what psychological torture really is, we’ll take it up a notch and include sensory deprivation. Fear can be a palatable and powerful ally in your scenes, play spaces, dungeons and bedrooms. To properly use the “Toy of Torture” the user needs to have the basic tools necessary to help their submissives explore the many levels that come with this seductive and often controversial play. Are there limits with this play, can you go too far? Come explore with us, the sublime to obscene, the overwhelming to silent. Not for the faint of heart, or sensitive of soul. Master Olivier has degrees are in Psychology and Philosophy, and is an ordained. RC Deacon. Pup Sparky has a degree in Psychology.

Presented by : Master Olivier & pup Sparky

Predicament Bondage

Where: Eagle Amsterdam

When: Sat Oct 24 1530-1730

Bondage becomes even more devilishly fun when the element of predicament is factored in.  Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastardly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved. In this class Dart and his boy will demonstrate some of the creative evil ways you can put your bottom into some roped up predicaments!

Presented by : Master Dart & Sir Bart


Rough Body Play

Where: Eagle Amsterdam

When: Sun Oct 25 1300-1500

For those of us in the BDSM community, we tend to like our fore-play to be a little more physical.  In this class, we will discuss the finer points of wrestling, punching, kicking, stomping and maybe a little bit of biting.  Rough love is a whole body SM encounter the likes of which you and your partner will want to participate in time & time again.  So come get “rough” with Mason…if you dare!

Presented by : Mason Alexander



Puppy Play

Where: Eagle Amsterdam

When: Sun Oct 25 1530-1730

Get down on all fours and explore the who, what, whine, and howls of puppy play.  Discover your inner pup, sniff out your place in the pack, or just get insight into pup behavior and the human canine mind. Is your pup easily distracted by bright, shiny objects?  Or is he a bad dog?  Learn the hands on skills needed for effective and FUN pup handling, training, discipline, and punishment. We’ll discuss breeds, gear, advanced training techniques, and of course the most fun part, puppy PLAY!  Come jump into our mosh pit and romp with the all the dogs, big and small.

Presented by : Master Olivier and Pup Sparky