AKA Workshops on Friday 28 October 2016

Cause & Effect Bondage

1400 -1600 Eagle Amsterdam

Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastardly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved. In this class Master Dart and Sir Bart will demonstrate some of the creative evil ways you can put your bottom into some roped up predicaments!

Presenters : Master Dart & Sir Bart

Unarmed Body Play Workshop

1400 -1600   Dirty Dicks

With growing restrictions on travel, having a simple and effective way to play with little or no support toys is critical. This class will present a very direct and hands on experience for everyone. We’ll explore basic human physiology and new perspectives to help create fun and effective scenes with little or no accoutrement. Come with a desire for fun, exploration and creative thinking. We’ll spark your desires and passions in new and unusual ways. Topics include, body punching, pinching, poking, pressure points, slapping and biting. This class is an advanced level of play, so be prepared for a level of interaction, that is both intriguing and perhaps even shocking.

Presenters : Master Olivier and pup sparky

Rubber Play Workshop

1630 -1830   Eagle Amsterdam

The tight and shiny side. Rubber makes great fetish fashion and clothing, but also great bondage goods.  We will explore different rubber bondage and play gear for your and your partner. The safety of you and your gear will be discussed, as broke boys and ripped rubber can ruin a scene. We will have sleepsack, gimp suit, rubber strapping, straitjacket and more toys to show and try.  Tying up your boyfriend into a shiny, moaning, humping rubberboy can make you both very happy and hard, if you do it right.  

Presenters : Rubber Kai

Fisting Workshop

1630 - 1830 Dirty Dicks

FFantastic FFisting is FFun!
Daddy Z is excited to be asked to present this workshop on what he considers to be one of the most sensational sexual kinks in our community today!  The course will consist of educational information and will then move on to demonstrate some of the techniques discussed.  In order to fully a appreciate the art of FFisting (as a top or bottom) you must understand several basic, but essential, rules and practices.  Once those have been covered Daddy Z will discuss some of his favorite techniques and stories.  He will then move on to a "hands in" demonstration that will also be instructional and educational - likely ending in a FFlurry of FFisting FFun!!

Presenters : Daddy Z

Mr Puppy NL on Friday 28 October 2016

Mr Puppy NL Meet and Greet

1830 MrB Amsterdam

First meeting of the contestants and the Judges

AKA Fetish Taster  Saturday 29 October 2016 with Mr Rubber NL

Fetish Taster

1400-1800 Undercurrent

Spend a debaucherous afternoon with AKA  watch, ask questions,  or join in, the choice is yours! There will be Flogging, Electro, Nipple Play, Wax Play, Rubber fun, Puppies and probably more!

Think of this as a tasting buffet of kinky pleasures! For the experienced kinkster who wants to discover some new pleasures, or for the beginner who wants to taste a few delicacies!!

If you just want to watch the fun, ask the experts some questions, or even join in; its up to you!

Come along and take a walk on the wild side; (we dont bite unless you ask nicely)

The AKA Instructors will be there, as well as our friends from Mr Rubber NL and the Puppeteer!!!

Mr Puppy NL on  Saturday 29 October 2016

Mr Puppy NL Events & Election

1400-1800 Undercurrent

The First official Mr Puppy NL election! Come and watch the pups compete for the first ever Mr Puppy NL title. Along side the competition, other pups not part of the election are welcome to join the inevitable puppy mosh pit!

More information for those who want to enter see the Mr Puppy NL Website