One Knot - Endless Possibilities

Master Dart & Sir Bart

Friday 26 October 14:00-16:00

Eagle Amsterdam

Rope bondage does not have to consist of overly elaborate knot tying.  Too many people shy away from learning bondage for fear they have to learn something "complicated".  More possibilites can be had when you start with something basic that can be modified into something very devious and multi-functional. That's the motto for this basic bondage class in which Sir Dart and Bart will teach some very easy but very practical rope ties for wrists, ankles, and whatever else one might like to cinch on their victim :)  There will be ample opportunity for practicing the variations, as well as exploring all the ways the techniques can be modified...opening up many possibilities for the rope top.  This is a hands on class so please be prepared to move.  If you have rope bring it...or you may borrow what we have.

The Art of the Bite

Master Olivier & Pup Sparky

Friday 27 October 16:30 to 18:30

Eagle Amsterdam

Odaxelagnia – The fetish of biting or being bitten.  A sometimes misunderstood but widely practiced fetish. We will explore the historical evolution of biting as it has appeared in religious text, folklore and literature.
The majority of the class will be spent in a rountable demonstration format, discussing technique, practice, application and safety. There will be plenty of opportunity to learn and share your ideas about this fetish, from its simplest forms to more complex and animistic/ritualistic concepts.
With today’s restrictions on travel, this is an “Unarmed” fetish play that can be applied with little or no extraneous tools or toys, making it very easy and fun to explore the more

Scene Flogging

Master Zack

Saturday 27 October 14:00 to 16:00

Eagle Amsterdam

Flogging workshops will often cover the mechanical basics of the skill, but rarely do they delve into the deeper realm of flogging as a more personal “scene”. Many people can wield floggers with beautiful precision and theatrical flair – which is fascinating to watch! But, what happens when we take our floggers home from the bars and workshops and into more private settings, a more intimate feel and allow a deeper headspace than can be achieved in a public space? In this class we’ll examine some of the techniques of focused flogging as a more intimate scene. What makes this form of flogging different? How are our headspaces altered? I will encourage a group discussion where you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences as well as being presented with a few ideas you may not have considered. Please bring your floggers and be willing to share their stories – every flogger has its unique qualities and has a specific role in the owner’s hands – what does your flogger do?

Pleasure on a painful journey

Master Olivier &

Master Dave

Saturday 27 October 16:30 to 18:30

Eagle Amsterdam

Have an interest in Pain? Like to cause pain, receive pain or both? There is a fine line between pleasure and pain they say, well - we agree. Spend some time with a couple of rather evil sadists showing you methods of causing pain, the use of build up, how it can be a tool in role play, the reasons for pain. Also understand how important it is for the sub to give feedback, and how critical it is for the dom to read it. This is a class with some discussion, lots of demo's (where you can take part, on consent, or just watch). This builds on last years workshop, but don’t worry, if you didn’t attend, its not necessary that you attended the first one.