New Developments in Amsterdam

This weekend some of my leather family were in Amsterdam for the weekend, on Saturday night we took our pup Squeek to the bars on the Warmoesstraat. As always with Squeek, we had a great time! But what really struck me this time was how much the bars on the Warmoesstrat have changed in the last year.

Many of you I am sure have thought that the Leather Scene in Amsterdam was dying. The owners of the bars had stopped investing, they were becoming old and depressing, they hadn't changed for years! Many tourists stopped coming to Amsterdam and the Leather Scene was definitely on a down turn, these days however are over!

Argos, The Eagle and Dirty Dicks have all been refurbished and are without exception bigger and better than before! Not only have the bars themselves improved, but the play spaces are much bigger, better equipped and hornier than ever!

As you know, we have been working with Michael Roks, the Manager of The Eagle and Dirty Dicks to arrange the AKA Workshops and BLUF Events this year, and it has been more than a pleasure to work with Michael. However, it goes beyond the events - Michael is helping to rebuild the entire community.

Not only has Michael been responsible for the refurbishment of the two bars, The Eagle and Dirty Dicks, he has architected the changes in the play spaces putting an incredible amount of thought into how people will use them. Furthermore he LISTENS to the community and has created events based on what people tell him and what the community needs. In one year, Michael and his team have done an amazing amount of work - a few of the highlights;

  • Established the Recon Full Fetish Party in Amsterdam
  • Hosts the Mister B Perverts Party
  • Created new Golden Shower and Fist Factory Parties in Dirty Dicks
  • Host of the BLUF Events
  • co-Sponsor and Host of the AKA Workshops
  • Refurbished/Rebuilt two of Amsterdams Leather Bars
  • Created new and innovative play spaces in each of them
  • Has created parterships with other Gay Busineses in Amsterdam to host joint events

And we are sure Michael will not stop here, expect even more in the future! Many of you will come to Amsterdam for this year's Leather Pride and will see the changes for yourself - and we are confident that once you see the changes - you will agree - Amsterdam is back!

Thanks to Michael for the great work so far and we cant wait to see what you are planning in the future!