Its almost Leather Pride!

Well, we have been planning and talking for months about Leather Pride and the AKA Workshops - and its almost time! only a couple of weeks left to the big event!

We cant wait till you all experience the re-invented leather and fetish scene in Amsterdam, I'm sure you will agree - Amsterdam is back!

The bars have been refurbished, they are better equipped and even have smoking area's! More importantly, the bar owners and management are investing in the community and implementing changes that have not been seen for over 20 years!

On Thursday 1st November all the founders and instructors from AKA will gather from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Paris, Oklahoma, Toronto and New York (yes - we are an international crew!) ready for all the events to start on the Friday Afternoon and continuing the whole weekend! 

On Friday Morning we will spend a few hours with our friends at MrB at their headquarters in Amsterdam, and maybe Dart will be tying a few of them up ;-) then off to The Eagle and Dirty Dicks for the first Workshops.

On the Friday evening we will all be in the bars, you wont be able to miss us, there wont be many groups of 10 with two pups barking around our boots! So if you see us, come up and say Hi, and if you have any ideas for future events - we would love to hear them, during Leather Pride we will also be planning our events for 2013!

After the Saturday Afternoon Workshops, Saturday Night is time for the 15th Anniversary of BLUF. This will be held at the home of BLUF in Amsterdam - Dirty Dicks. Here we will have Birthday Cup Cakes available for the first 100 guys arriving. These cakes are sponsored by Richard from Cuts and Curls Amsterdam. Also, we will have a special gift for those arriving to celebrate the anniversary - these gifts are kindly sponsored by our friends at MrB Leather and Rubber! (Also - dont forget the 10% Discount offered by MrB for all AKA Ticket holders! Go on, treat yourself!)

Remember the BLUF event is for Members and Non-Members who meet BLUF Dresscode. The Boy will be on the door checking dresscode - and pup squeek will be there too ready to bite the ankles of those who argue with the dresscode policy!

On Sunday we will have the last of the AKA Workshops at the Eagle and if we have the energy, we will be in the Bars Sunday Evening to have a few beers to close Leather Pride for another year.


Hope to see you all having fun!