Beating Sandy into submission!

Hurricane Sandy was a bitch! Right up to the last minute, we thought we might have to cancel everything.

All our instructors were travelling from the US, and due to Sandy; the flights were in chaos. Mid-way through Wednesday afternoon we got the message we were dreading. "Looks like we wont make it" Our instructors were scattered across 3 US Airports all on long standby lists, it wasn't looking good.


We had appointments at Cuts and Curls for all the AKA Founders and Instructors to get haircuts, so we called Richard to cancel the appointments, which made us feel really guilty as we had booked out the whole afternoon at his place.

Later Wednesday evening we had a message, Dart and Bart were on the flight! So at least the Bondage Workshop would go ahead, and they could have also done the Puppy Workshop. Just as their flight took off, we got another great message; the guys waiting at Dallas Fort Worth Airport all got on their flight! A miracle had happened all the instructors were en-route!!!

Dart and Bart were first to arrive at my apartment in Amsterdam, and soon the rest arrived on the Thalys from Paris. It was on!

Taxi's were booked and the instructors and many suitcases of Leather were taken to the apartment where they would stay for the weekend. While they settled, we called Richard at Cuts and Curls to take all the appointments he had left for that afternoon, we couldnt have the instructors teaching with bad hair could we? LOL!

We all arrived at Richard's and the haircuts commenced!


All of the Instructors had been travelling for nearly 30 hours, and were in dire need for some food and rest. When the haircuts were done we all went for a typically Dutch "Indonesian Rijstafel" and they went off to bed for some well deserved rest!

Thursday morning, we met for Breakfast at my apartment before the first two workshops, Bondage and Whipping/Flogging. During breakfast we realized that we had forgotten something. Duct Tape. Dart's new Bondage Workshop included Mummification and for that, cling flim and Duct Tape were required.

pup's squeek and sparky accompanied me to the hardware store to get Duct Tape - I think the way we were dressed indicated to the shopkeeper that we wouldnt be using it in the traditional way, he smiled and said "Have Fun" as we left the store.

Off we went to the first two Workshops. As always Michael from The Eagle was ready with a smile, and we were all pleasantly surprised with the amount of folks that turned up at the door who hadn't yet bought tickets, and with these folks we were almost sold out!


It wasnt only the guests having fun - WhipMaster Bob did too!


All that duct tape we bought - was also put to good use at Dart's Bondage & Mummification Workshop.

The first two workshops were an amazing success - we all went back to my apartment for some of Sir Charles' famous "Oma's Soup". Friday night was going to be the only night we had "free" in the bars - so we went out as a group to the Warmoesstraat! The instructors had not seen the bars since they had been rennovated and they were surprised and impressed at the improvements that had been made. We met lots of old friends who had come back to Amsterdam for Leather Pride, but we were conscious of the busy Saturday ahead so we did not stay out too late.

Saturday we had two workshops planned, and the BLUF 15 Party in the evening. On the way to the workshops pup squeek and I had to pick up the cakes that had been sponsored by Cuts and Curls Amsterdam for the BLUF 15 Party. I will post a separate entry on the BLUF site on the BLUF 15 event, however we were most impressed by the amazing cakes made by Cakes of Distinction Amsterdam - a great job


The Saturday workshops were Puppy Play and Cock (BJ's and CBT). Since pup squeek and I were taking part in the Puppy Play workshop with Master Olivier and pup sparky we don't have any pics for the Cock Workshop but it was a huge success where Mr Chompy and Piggy made an appearance! The Puppy Play workshop was a blast and I cant describe it any better than pup bootbrush who wrote his great blog post on the event but here are a couple of pics of the pups at play!


The Puppy Play workshop was elegantly closed with a reading from bootbrush's book before we all went home to get ready for BLUF 15.

BLUF 15 was an AMAZING success! Ill write more on it on the BLUF site later, however 60 Guys arrived in the first 20 minutes - with over 200 guys taking part over the whole evening - we could not have hoped for a better turnout.

We didnt stay too long after midnight as on Sunday we had the final workshop and I had to cook a dinner for all the instructors, founders and friends that was going to take most of the day!

The Single Tail Workshop was a great success - WhipMaster Bob and Mason entertained the crowd so much - the workshop over ran by nearly two hours - all the pics are in the Galleries

Everyone returned to my appartment for a closing dinner - the weekend was a HUGE success and needless to say, we will be doing it again at the new Amsterdam Fetish Pride!

Thanks to all who attended the workshops and the kind messages you have sent after the event.

Watch out from much more from AKA in the future!