Why are we doing this?

When I was first discovering my sexuality and my fetish interests, the internet was in its infancy, and I lived in an area with no Leather Bars (no Gay bars even) and no gay businesses. I lived in Gloucestershire at the time, and my only access to the fetish community was an expensive trip to London, which I could only afford a couple of times a year.

In the early 90's I had my 1st trip to Amsterdam, I saw a boy getting flogged, a group of skins kick another boy until he came, and many guys in FULL leather uniform; my dick was hard for a whole weekend!

A couple of years later; I managed to leave the UK and find a job in mainland Europe, and after several moves - I ended up in Amsterdam.

Wow! Every night I could go out and find the type of guy that I could have sex with, but I was still nervous about trying any of the "darker arts" the fetish play that defined my dreams, the dreams that made me wake up in the middle of the night with a raging hard on that had to be dealt with! Then, one night I visited a Club Trash party in Amsterdam. 

Club Trash had fetish equipment at that time - torture tables, crosses, rope webs, suspension hooks etc etc I watched a Leather Master torture his boy's nipples and dick whilst restricted in a web of rope. I was obviously spotted as the Sir invited me to join him teasing his boy. I played with his nips, beat his balls, copying what his Sir was doing, and introducing my own "variations"! Together we "edged" the boy to the verge of coming, and the look of desparation on the boy's face made me chuckle, when I did this; his Sir smiled and said "Did you enjoy that?" I didnt need to answer - the smile was still on my face from ear to ear!

The Sir put the boy's Chastity Belt back on, released him from the web and invited me for a drink. I asked "Dont you let your boy cum?" He smiled back and said "Maybe in a few weeks" My dick suddenly got hard again. We left the play area and went for a beer. Whilst his boy licked our boots, he let me talk, he let me ask questions and I listened to every word.

This was the first time I had actually spoken to someone about D/s relationships and fetish play. Before this I had read stuff, watched, but had never explored - this was the start of my exploration. From this point I met many more people, asked many more questions, and learned many new kinks!

Sadly now there are less opportunities like this for people to SEE fetish play, there are fewer people that are willing to take the time and teach a novice. So why are we doing this? We want people to have the same opportunities we had to learn about various aspects of Fetish play safely, from trusted folks.