After the Workshops

This week I decided to change my plans for the BLOG entry. I was (and probably will soon) post an article on etiquette in BDSM play, but today I decided to change plans. 

If you read the "About Us" Page you will know that AKA consists of members of a Leather Family. This was an important weekend for the family, we were not together, we were intact, in 3 European countries. While I visited my boy close by, his boyfriend (and my BFF) was in Denmark collaring his new boy and adding to the family. Further more our pup was in the UK visiting his Daddy Master Tim. Complex? LOL! Maybe. 

While with the boy he showed me some work he was doing on his BLOG "Kink Advice", he was also preparing an article on etiquette; so Ill let the boy say his piece and ill post later ;-)

So instead, this week I want to talk about After the Workshops. Last week I posted the main reasons we are doing this, there are more. We hope that the workshop also brings like minded people together. The workshops will teach or develop your basic skills and understandings of the kinks, after the workshops, you need to develop them, explore them, and adapt them to your own fantasies and desires. 

Being in a Leather Family, Im lucky, we have a network of family members, and have other families (part of our extended family) to share experiences with, and to develop our kinks, we hope you use these workshops to meet each other and keep in touch.

Many gay businesses are willing to support events as long as there is sufficient demand in the community, you would be surprised the amount of support there is out there, if there is demand. 

By making contact and networking at the workshops we hope that communities start to develop around these kinks and people take initiative to arrange their own gatherings, meetings or at the very least a meet up regularly in a bar/club to share and even play.

If you would be willing to commit to attending a "special night" in a bar, club etc on any particular kink, come and speak to us at the event, or ask below in the comments (you'll need to create an account on the site to do that) We might be able to help, or at the very least we can put you in touch with the right people to discuss support for your idea. The power comes with numbers of people; but it doesn't always need to be huge numbers.