Its nearly time for Folsom Europe!

Im excited

Christmas is coming - well, my Christmas!

Every kid looks forward to Christmas, and around the end of August every year, I get the same feeling - my most enjoyable few days of the year are coming up. These days are spent in a land not so far away, where, just for a few days every year Im in Kink and Fetish heaven. Im with my family in a land where leather, kink and fetish are "normal", everywhere inside and out! A place for Doms, Subs, Leather, Rubber, Military, Uniform, boys, slaves, pups, Sirs, Masters, pigs, ponys, bears, cubs, the list could go on endlessly!

And then, on the Saturday, at a place where two streets cross, magical barriers appear guarded by the Sisters, these magical barriers only admit the truly kinky amoungst us.

Past the barriers my Christmas Market! Stall upon stall of kinky retailer but this year Ill be more careful what I buy as presents for me or the family.

My Christmas is Folsom Europe!

For quite a while I had been looking for a new flogger, I had recently replaced a lost flogger with an excellent new one that I bought at GEAR Berlin, the boy loved it. Why did he love it? - he felt a heavy blow, without a sharp sting - but in my mind it was a great starter - for warm up ;-) I used it to build up to starting with my short single tail, but in my opinion the difference in the two was too much to develop a proper build up to a harder whipping. I was looking for a flogger that would deliver a blow at least as heavy as the one I had, but with a bit more of a sting in the tail.

On a stall at the fair I found what I was looking for at an incredible price! I tried it on the boy at the stall and bought it immediately. The next night we were off to Quaelgeist with the family. During the play session, I had the boy restrained to a cross with pup looking down from the gallery above. After using my current flogger I switched to the new one. It felt good, and I was getting the progress and reaction that I wanted from the boy, but exactly on the 1000th lash, the flogger fell apart. The handle came off completely, and underneath I could see how badly it had been made, uneven cuts, flimsy pins and strange sticky glue. It was cheap for a reason - it was not made well.

This is not to say that all retailers at Folsom Europe are bad, not at all - but in like any shopping area - be careful. Also, I am not saying that all fetish toys need to be expensive - far from it, many toys can be very cheap, and very useful! But in this case, the price was VERY low considering the materials involved, and the work that would be involved to make such an item, this should have made me more suspicious.

The best part of the fair however is seeing and meeting old friends and making new ones. Its a very social time. We always meet old friends at Folsom Europe, and have also made new ones, especially guys we chat with online and finally get the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

This year we will also be joined by our extended family from the US, and some of the instructors that will be teaching at AKA2012. Sir Dart and his boy Bart, Master Olivier and pup Sparky will be with us!

So, if you are going, and you spot any of us - come up and say hello - we would be happy to tell you more about AKA and our events, and if you have any idea's for future events, we'd love to hear them!

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