Well its nearly time!

Sorry, haven't had done a blog post for a while, been busy with things at work and home and sometimes those things have to take priority, however the priority now is getting ready for Leather Pride 2013! Its getting close! 

But first a bit of a catch-up. You can see from Pup Squeek's photo gallery that, once again, we had a great time at Folsom Europe but this year was extra special as we added a new pup to the family - Sniffer. We collared Sniffer in the middle of the crossing at the Folsom Europe Street Fair. This was somewhat appropriate considering we met Sniffer at Folsom 2012. While visiting the excellent Quaelgeist in 2012, Squeek took a particular interest in Sniffer's boot laces and thats how it all started. So now, Squeek has a little brother and has become the Alpha pup of the family! 

Sniffer, like all members of our family is quite a character and is known to steal puppy treats - so if you have any candy or sweets on you guard them safely or you may find they disappear! 

We can't wait for our American Family to meet Sniffer when they come over to teach the AKA 2013 Workshops in less than two weeks now, and we promise that these will be bigger and better than last year! 

Master Olivier and Pup Sparky are back to to lead us through the wonders of Puppy Play. Last year this was a great event enjoyed by all who attended, and the pups dived into the mosh pit and had a great time. This year our new pup Sniffer will join in and also pup Itus (the AKA Bootblack instructor) will also be there to join in the fun. 

Sir Dart & Bart will be back to lead their now famous Bondage Class. Regardless whether you have been to one of his workshops before or not, you are sure to learn something new as every time, Sir Dart comes to Amsterdam with something new. 

Mason Alexander also returns for Flogging and Whipping. Everyone who attended Mason's workshops last year were amazed by his skill with floggers and single tails, and everyone who attended learned a lot during the class. This year Mason will help those that attended last year build on the skills they learned, and will be more than happy to show the new attendee's the basics to help them understand how to use a flogger and whip safely and, ahem, effectively

And of course, this year we welcome two new instructors for the first time, Sir Robert and pup Itus. Sir Robert will show you a shockingly good time at the Electro class and pup Itus will show you the art of the Bootblack. 

Tickets are the same price as last year and are available online here and are also available at MrB Leather and Rubber, Amsterdam.

Remember if you show your ticket at Mister B when you go shopping for new goodies, you will get a 10% Discount of the final amount, thanks to our Friends at MrB! 

Finally, when you see us at Leather Pride or at one of the AKA workshops, come up and say hello, and if you have any ideas for future events let us know!

The countdown has begun - can't wait!