The perils of Cruising (Part 1)


I have a great husband, boy and pup, but sometimes you just need fresh meat, know what I mean? So what do we do? Go out to the bars? Log on to one of the many gay cruising sites? We have options!

 Regardless of our methods, there are some people out there that are best to avoid, some people that just make you slap your forehead and think "what planet do these folks come from?" 

We can moan on and on about these idiots, and in the past couple of weeks Ive hit a concentrated patch of complete idiots, both live in the bars, and on the usual sites. Some of the stereotypical of certain types, some with new levels of fuckwittedy!

First of all, let me describe one of the more common examples in the bars...  

The Stalker  

This is a broad category, there are many sub-types. Whether it be the guy that just stands close to you, or in the general area and just states at you, either in a creepy way or a nervous way trying to come up with the courage to approach, but never quite getting there.  Most of these are harmless. There are however more disturbing sub-types. It may be someone you had some sort of argument with, a guy with whom you had a failed play session, and he just keeps hanging around you, reminding you of the incident and generally emanating bad chi! But, for me the most annoying sub-type is the "creepy gay". This is usually the guy whose advances you may have rejected in the past, but no matter how politely you did it, he wont let you forget it.

I like public play, and at AKA we promote it! When I play in the bars, its rarely in a cabin, its usually in a more open area, and I really dont mind people watching - it can enhance the scene and the reactions/experience of the sub Im playing with; but there are exceptions.

One guy, lets call him Bob has been hanging around me for years, but he has evolved from a harmless stalker who just keeps hanging around and staring, to what I now classify as creepy gay. Bob used to just stare at me, however after a couple of years, he became a bit more brave. One evening, I was playing with my boy, he was on his knees giving me rather a good BJ. The boy is quite talented at this act (dont tell him though, he's always fishing for compliments!) and I was having a great time, I looked to my right and Bob was standing there with his rather large dick hanging out of his trousers, staring at me with a small dribble of drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. I didn't do anything, I had no right, he was not physically interfering in my play though I did find it pretty distracting. A couple of weeks after this, the same situation presented itself, almost at exactly the same location. This time however he turned 90 degrees to the left and presented his dick to my boy obviously wanting to experience what I was receiving, I gently indicated that his advances were not welcome. Did he zip up and leave? No - he just zipped himself and continued to stare at me and my boy, drooling. Needless to say, the scene with my boy ended much earlier than I hoped.

A few weeks passed, and we had another occurrence. This time, I was torturing my boy's nipples (one of my favourite activities <VEG>) standing face to face with him, taking pleasure in seeing my boy's infamous silent screams I was so lost in the deliciousness of seeing my boy suffer for me, I didn't notice that Bob had assumed, in what was becoming his regular position, next to me staring and drooling. This time, Bob decided that he had enough of passive behaviour and decided to thrust his hand in and try to grab something, this time - it was my dick. I grabbed his wrist and moved it away. He returned to his stationary, staring, drooling position. This has occurred several times now, and each time I have pushed him away more firmly, but this never stopped him coming back for more. Weekend before last, I was standing in the bar talking with two very cute American tourists when Bob entered. He stared at me as normal, but lost patience rather quickly when he realised that I was not going into the darkroom quickly so he left and walked into the back. My conversation with the tourists progressed, and we walked into the darkroom at the back of the bar for some fun. I then saw Bob standing next to a couple of guys who were playing - he was staring and drooling at them in the same way as I described above. I watched carefully to see how this couple could handle him.

The couple were obviously distracted by Bob, but did not do anything until Bob's grabbing hands reached between the couple to "cop a feel". When he did this, the top took a piece of gum out of his mouth and stuck it firmly on Bob's forehead! He was so shocked, he staggered back dropped his beer and run out of the bar. 

I now know what to do! 

Many folks will have similar stories, and use it as a reason not to cruise in the bars but cruise on the web, but believe me, that can be worse, more of that soon in the Perils of Cruising Part 2.