We need you!

We are really excited this year to welcome back our American Family and some of their friends who will be the instructors at the AKA 2013 Workshops. This is our 2nd year as AKA however we have been running workshops in Amsterdam now for four years.  


The events are always successful, and the folks who come always ask for more, and we would like to do more! However, due to the distance and expense involved we can only ask our current instructors to come one or two times per year. 

If you have a kink related talent, why not share it? Pass on your knowledge and wisdom to others? AKA will make the arrangements to host the event, and publicise it via our website, our sponsor's websites and posters in gay venues. We will also arrange ticket sales online and in stores - all you have to do is turn up and teach your kink!

If teaching and public speaking is not your thing, but you still want to help the scene, we have another idea.  

One of the reasons we do this, is to promote public play (in the leather bars that is!) In the next year we are considering hosting AKA Socials where at a pre-defined date and time, we arrange to meet like-minded Kinksters in the Amsterdam Leather Bars to meet, talk, discuss, and of course play! 

Interested? Contact us! 

You can email us at amskinkacademy@gmail.com, or complete the contact us page on this site

We look forward to hearing from you!