And we're off!!

Our AKA 2015 Line up of Workshops is now online! Our Promo Video will tell you more, the full agenda is published and tickets can be bought online! Soon you will also be able to get Tickets at Eagle Amsterdam, MrB Amsterdam and Cuts and Curls - when available we will post an update!

Master Dart and Sir Bart are back with their devilishly evil Predicament Bondage class, last years was a blast, don't miss this one! Master Olivier and Pup Sparky unfortunately couldn't make it last year and we really missed them, but this year we are proud to have them back for 2 Workshops, Fear and Puppy Play. Come along to learn how to add a new dimension to your play or join the Puppy Mosh pit for an afternoon of fun and frolicks!

We are also over the moon to welcome Sir Robert back for his shockingly good Electro Play Workshop, and Dan Madden (aka the Twisted Teddybear, or my boy's brother from another mother) is back with Mr Chompy to show us the delights of Cock and Ball Torture (CBT).

Last but most certainly not least we are over the moon that Master Mason has agreed to come back to run a Rough Body Play workshop. If Wrestling, Kicking, Punching and Stomping gets your dick hard, then this is the workshop for you!

Finally we are very grateful that C.A.L.M have asked us to be special guests at their Social on August 29th at Eagle Amsterdam - want to find out more about AKA and the 2015 Workshops, come along and say hello!


We. Can't. Wait!!