Its almost time for Folsom Europe!

Next to Amsterdam Leather Pride, Folsom Europe is my favourite event of the year! The whole European side of our family will be there joining the Street Fair, enjoying the bars, and of course our annual visit to Quaelgeist on Sunday (the best BDSM club in Europe!)

Its also the second anniversary of the collaring of our second pup, Sniffer, who was collared at the street fair two years ago where the Fuggerstraße crosses Welserstraße. At that time he was just a quiet innocent pup, however he has become what we now call our "good-ish" or "tricky" pup, so looking forward to browsing the stalls at the Street Fair to find new training implements to curb his path into the "terrible-twos" ;-)

If you see any of us in Berlin during Folsom, be sure to come up to say hi! And if you have any questions about AKA or our events we'd be happy to answer them.

Our photo-pup, Squeek will also be wandering around, taking pics of all the Daddy Bears, so look out for those on our website after the Folsom Europe event.

Have a great Folsom Europe!