Fetish Taster - Don't Miss it!!

Doesn’t matter what age you are, where you come from or what experience you have, doesn’t matter if you are submissive or dominant, both or switch; we have something for you. We have something that will help you take the next step. discover something new and maybe even discover something new about yourself.

If you are reading this, you have some tendencies and thoughts about the kinkier side of life and sex. Welcome. You may be at the start of your journey, or well on your way, riding along. You may be young, curious or older and still discovering; doesn’t matter, we are here to help.

Are you a Master, Sir, Handler, Dom that wants to discover new ways to play with a boy, slave, sub or pup, to make him squirm or dance along the line between pleasure and pain?

Are you a boy, slave, sub or pup who wants to discover new kinks that you can see if they help you reach the place or state you crave? Or please and serve the Dom who you want to look up at?

Are you a gay man who has thoughts about the kinkier side of life but has no idea where to start or how to find out more?

The Fetish Taster is for you.

A whole afternoon where you can discover, learn, watch, experience and understand many kink activities and skills in a safe, confidential, and experienced environment. You decide what happens, and how involved you want to be, just want to watch? fine, Want to discuss? Of course! Want to experience? Lets talk and try! You decide.

At this event we have a group of very experienced kinksters who want to help you. Men that have learned their skills and are happy to share. Gentlemen who get a real kick our of helping you take the next steps in your discovery of your kinky side; the wilder side of you that is hungry for more.

We hope you enjoy.