New Players Party - Ready2Play

One of the reasons we started AKA was to encourage safe public play in the bars in Amsterdam, and to inspire folks into new kink activities. We are very happy with the success we have had, and will continue on this mission! We also hoped that if we started doing stuff like this for the community, others would come up with different ideas to achieve the same goal.

Last week I attended the first Ready2Play party at Eagle Amsterdam arranged by The Puppeteer (Raymond Richard Huizinga).  What an amazing event it was! It attracted more than 50 kinksters playing all round the bar with a great horny atmosphere; it reminded me of what the bars used to be like when I first arrived in Amsterdam 20 years ago.

Raymond is planning to run approximately six of these events per year - keep your eye out for the next one and be sure not to miss the action! Highly recommended to lead to a great, horny, Saturday afternoon!

Thanks Raymond!

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