Our Fetish Taster

One of the new events we have for you this year is the Fetish Taster. What is it? Exactly what the name suggests! Ever been to a restaurant and had the tasting menu? Its a way to sample lots of different specialities, and thats exactly what we have; but instead of food - its fetishes!!

The event will be held at the new Leather Pride venue - Undercurrent. On the Saturday afternoon of Leather Pride, along side the Mr Puppy NL contest, we will have some experienced kinksters demonstrating various kinks. We will have the AKA Founders and Instructors, the Mr Rubber NL crew and The Puppeteer all willing to share their knowledge and expertise during this afternoon of debauchery!

This event is for everyone, whether you are single or partnered, experienced or novice, there will be something for you to learn, watch, experience and enjoy during the afternoon!

This is the perfect chance to expand your range of kinks, further develop existing ones or discover something you never thought would turn you on.

Ive been a kinky Leather Man for many years, but I never stop learning, and thats a large part of the fun and why the world of Leather and Kink never gets boring. You can simply wander around and watch, ask questions, and if appropriate after discussing with one of the experts, try something out or experience something for yourself! There is no pressure and everything will take place in a safe, sane and discreet way.

Come and join us for this new Saturday afternoon Leather Pride event!!