Master Dave's boy, is highly intelligent, experienced, good looking, however he is an extreme case of a sub-category of the Leather boy community known as a "Brat" We all know Brats, most of us know how to deal with them, but please, realize that this is no ordinary Brat; this is an acute form that can cause devastation, corruption and untold damage if left alone communicating with other boy's or subs.

1) Master's, Sirs, Fellow Doms : I don't allow my boy to play with you unless I know you, or am present. This is not due to jealousy, this is due to the simple fact that, really, you dont know what you are dealing with! If you are not at the top of your game - he will flip and destroy you. If you think you are at the top of your game - his mission will be to show you are not.

2) Once again, Masters, Sirs and Fellow Doms : If you let your boy, sub, slave, pup etc talk to my boy 1:1 for anything over 60 seconds; Welcome to my world, you now have a Brat of your own (Not my fault, I warned you, Liability insurance is limited)

3) My boy has a brother - Dan from Canada. (Also an AKA Instructor, They are alike, there are some language differences, the boy constantly says he is "Innocent", Dan constantly says he is "helpful". The result is the same; you have been manipulated.