Practical Wax Play


Wax play basically is the dripping of hot wax on the sub's body. This is usually done by tipping a candle so the wax drips down.  As far as I can see, there are 3 reasons to do it:

It can be used to give the sub a burst of brief pain. The sensation isn't really comparable to anything else. The sub feels  something hot ( obviously!) but it cools extremely fast, leaving no burns. For me the sensation can go from an intense itching to a millisecond of scalding heat. Of course, wax play can also be low key. There are (jar)candles that have such a low melting point it is more lukewarm that hot.

It can be used to keep the sub guessing of where the next drop will fall. Nips, dick or balls?  A good blindfold is recommended for this.

Last use I’ve seen is to make pretty pictures. It isn’t common but there are people doing it. This can be done by dripping but I’ve also seen paintbrushes used with the sub as the canvas. 

Wax play is pretty easy to do alone.  If inexperienced, start with spilling wax on your fingers to get a feel for how hot the wax is. The tolerances involved in wax play varies widely across people.

the basics:

The thing to control, besides the sub of course, is the temperature and placement of the wax. 

The temperature of the wax hitting naked quivering flesh is determined by the melting-point of the wax used and the height of the candle above the body. The further the wax has to travel, the cooler it will be.  As a rule of thumb, one can say that the fatter the candle , the lower the wax temperature. This is mostly regulated by local laws for safety reasons.  It’s not 100% fool-proof but a good indication of how hot wax will be.  Any addition to the wax like color or scent will affect temperature upwards with the big no-no being metallic colored candles. These contain certain salts that will take longer to cool and WILL cause burns.  Bees-wax has a higher melting point that Paraffin candles but most candles will have their melting point mentioned on the packaging. The dead cheap white paraffin candles are usually the best. Candles of mixed wax types (coated ones) will have different melting points per wax type, just saying.

Where you can put wax depends if the sub is standing(hanging) or lying down. The only place I deem forbidden from play is above the neck. Even if you are 100% sure this wax will not leave a mark, the face in my opinion is off limits.  That includes splatter for wax dropped somewhere else. Even if no actual burn is caused, even a slight discoloration in the skin remains possible.  Below the neck, I really can’t think of a place that you must avoid.

Keep in mind different body parts have a different tolerance towards wax. This tolerance is highly personal and isn’t as obvious as you may think. I’ve seen subs beg for mercy from wax on their abs and the same sub beg for more from wax on their balls. There are some really nasty nooks and crannies on the body for wax but self-preservation prevents me from telling where  they are. And it’s more fun to find them yourself.

Wax cools and solidifies on the body, more wax needs longer to cool, so it burns longer and skin is longer exposed to heat. Be aware of that before filling up the bellybutton in one go.

You may be tempted to use the candle-flame itself in your play.  This bit is about wax play and not fire-play.  So don’t, unless you know how to do fire play. On that topic, you have an open flame so your environment shouldn’t be combustible. (duh!)

Wax removal can be tedious but stretching/compressing the skin a bit will loosen the wax blobs significantly. Of course at this point, most doms realize wax can be taken off by knife, crop, whip or flogger as well.

the intermediate:

Since wax is clearly visible, colored wax can be used to play tic-tac-toe between dom and (blindfolded) sub.

Softer wax is easily removed if you use some ice cubes to harden it.

The human body can initially only feel the difference in temperature and not whether it is hot or cold.  This means a blindfolded sub may have trouble making the distinction between candle and ice cube drippings. Having a sub trying to blow out the ice cube is always funny ( and punishable) .

You can go for quantity and use a tin, crock pot or jar to apply huge amounts of wax at once. Beware of heating melted wax over a fire, it can catch fire. Make sure you know how hot the wax actually is before applying it, since you heat it beyond melting point.

One can make wax molds of protruding bits just fine with dripping wax on it. (wink wink)

tips & tricks:

Wax play is best done on a sheet or an easily cleanable surface. If you use cloth sheets, use more than one layer. Wax is a bitch to get out of the carpet. I usually use some thin disposable painters plastic with a cotton sheet on top.

Remember, wax in a (tub) drain will clog it.

If you need to remove wax from carpet or furniture , use some absorptive paper  + a  hot iron. The iron melts the wax through the layers of paper  and the paper acts as a sponge before the wax can reach the iron. Newspapers  are good, just remember newspaper ink can transfer, kitchen paper is better.

Personally i like to rub a bit of silicone-based lube on the hairy (or trimmed) parts that will receive wax. I find the wax doesn't stick so much to the skin and hairs, making it MUCH easier to remove (and start again and again and again...) It also prevents the sub from finding bits of wax in his underwear for days to come. Oil is possible as well but limits ... other activities. I’ve also heard of people using cling-film to cover the body, but personally have no experience with it. (anyone?)

useful things:

some websites, mostly straight.