Practical cocksucking


Fellatio, giving head, blowjob, cock-worship, sucking, deep-throat, skull-fucking. This post is about putting his dick where your mouth is.  I’m sure I’m talking to expert crowd :) but here it goes. In this post I’ll use “giver” for the one usually on his knees, and “receiver” for the one with his cock in the air.

Oral sex may not be kinky in itself but it IS a necessary skill. For subs it’s obvious why, but even Doms should know what to do. If you want to reward your sub, do a good (blow)job and don’t hide, after you sucked at it, behind the fact that a Dom’s blowjob should hurt a bit anyway because you’re a sadist.

And even if you’re the one whose cock gets serviced, there are some things you should know too. One of the first being that a blowjob does not involve piss guzzling or cum chugging without prior negotiation. If you feel you’re about to cum, pull out!

the basics:

So take a cock, open your mouth and put it in. Seems simple, right? No, as always, it’s the interaction between two people. The receiver can either: be passive and let the giver go to work / set the pace by guiding  or grabbing the giver’s head, bobbing it up and down his meat / hold the giver’s head still and mouth-rape him in a skull-fuck. The point here is that, if the receiver wants to have some hip action, he’d better steady the givers head or you’ll have an teeth-calypse. A nice variation on this is to lock the givers head between your crotch and a wall or pole so the giver’s head has nowhere to go. The giver can then concentrate on not gagging and relaxing the throat.

Gagging however, may or may not be preferred. I know Doms that are pierced just to make sure the sub gags and can skull-fuck the upchucked phlegm back into the sub. My Master likes me gagging, so I never really learned how to control my gag-reflex. However, I do notice that if the curve of the dick goes towards the tongue, gagging is less likely. So if you have a problem with gagging, you might try sucking the cock upside down and see it that works. (This is best done in a horizontal position.)

But it’s where the receiver is passive that the true cocksucker can show his skill. Since the giver is in control he can use all the techniques he knows to blow your mind while he blows your dick.

the intermediate:

The giver has several techniques to his disposal.  The first and most important is lips. Lips should cover teeth, always. Scraping teeth on a dick is a offence, according to the high gay counsel, punishable by a forced visit to the BDSM dentist. If you have trouble with covering your teeth, start with the “granny-mouth”, pulling your lips over your teeth to make it look like you need dentures. If you got the teeth under control, you can also purse the lips to make a tight ring to slide up and down the shaft.  The rim of the glans is a nice sensitive spot for lip-action.

The second is of course the tongue. You can rub your tongue against the frenulum, make your tongue into a tip and rub the underside of the shaft or revolve the cockhead (glans) around the middle of the tongue. The last is a thing I do when I taste/feel grit. I’m not a fan of head-cheese or smegma, ( due to the fact that I came out in the height of the aids-epidemic I’m a bit of a clean freak)  so doing this cleans the head and you can spit the contaminated saliva out. Rinse and repeat at your volition.

The third technique I use is creating a vacuum in your mouth. Basically sucking without swallowing. I use it to really grip a dick so I can pull hard on it with just my mouth. By alternating between vacuum and not, you can force a dick in and out of your mouth without actually moving your head much. This especially works well on softer dicks until they are not so soft anymore.

Another thing is the motion of your head. You can do a straight up-and-down, but you can also tilt you head sideways while going down,  like corkscrewing the cock into your mouth. (cockscrewing?) Adjusting the position of the giver’s  head can actually help him take it more or more easily. Tilting your head forward will open up your throat, tilting backwards will narrow it.  If you want to mix it up, make a “granny-mouth” but open up and shake a vigorous “NO”, thereby slamming the dick for one corner of the mouth to the other.

It should be clear that you should combine above techniques, It’s the combo’s that do the trick. A good corkscrew with pursed lips with a tongue-tip rubbing with on the base and rubbing the frenulum when at the head will let you hear grunts of appreciation. The giver also needs to read the receiver, some people like the action on the head and some on the base. Some like hard suction/rubbing and some (uncut) ones like it a bit more tender.  If you cycle though enough variations, you’re bound the hit the combo that will have him begging for more.

tips & tricks:

All the technique in the world won’t help if you don’t like sucking cock. Simple actions done with enthusiasm are way more effective than complex mouth-gymnastics. Just. No. Teeth.

Well, teeth can be useful too if you know what you’re doing. How about lightly biting the cock mid-shaft while pleasuring the head with your tongue. Nasty and nice in a BJ.

Breath can be used as foreplay. You can blow on a dick to dry and cool it, or breathe on it like fogging up a window to give a warm and moist sensation. Doing this while the cock is in your mouth but has never actually touched you yet is a favorite tease of mine. However, it’s so subtle the cock needs to be uncut in order to feel it.

If you have facial hair, use it! Rub your beard or head hair on this balls, your moustache on the glans or even your stubble on his shaft. Let him know a man is doing this to him!

You can only do one thing with your mouth at the time, how about gripping his balls and scratching them lightly with your nails. Hands can be used in a blowjob but wrapping them around the shaft is an amateur move in my opinion.

We all know the trick of blowing someone with a mouth of cold beer, but try a big spoon of peanut butter. It gives the receiver a sensation of bare-backing a very talented ass.

useful things: