No, I didn’t die.(non-kink(ish))

Just a short post to explain why I haven’t been writing.

A few days before the 2012 leather pride, I was diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency. Deficiency meaning that it barely functioned. Basically this means my body was shutting down. No bruise, scrape or scratch healed completely and damage started accumulating. It felt like all my joints were filled with glue and my thought process slowed down considerably. Image pulling an all-night’er every day, without the nighttime fun.

Although I did attend several leather pride 2012 events, I didn’t get to do all I wanted. I had to pick and choose what things to do with minimal energy.

When the Doc slowly started getting me back to normal, my body had to catch up with all the delayed repairs, causing me to feel even worse. Since no dosage can be calculated, and it much be increased in small steps, the road to recovery is very long and will never be complete. I’ll need to take the meds for the rest of my life and will still feel like crap often. Nothing new for people with a chronic illness, but it’s a first for me.

Now, after 10 months, I’m finally feeling a bit like my old self again, and am resuming this blog.

I’m looking forward to Leather Pride 2013, seeing the canadi-American instructors who became family to us, and meeting the fresh meat ( O:) ) that will instruct for the first time in Amsterdam.

This year we have some old favorites that return, like Bondage, flogging & whipping and puppy-play, and some new topics like electro and boot blacking.

I must say I always worry about the workshops we do on Friday. Since people have to take the afternoon off in order to attend, it’s always nice to see enough people doing just that to make the Friday workshops happen. I’d be calmer if they were sold out a few days in advance instead of a few hours before.

I must say I’m pleased about the bootblack workshop. Not only is the instructor easy-isch on the eyes, but I have been trying to find a bootblack for the BLUF parties for ages. Not to raise money per se, but to add to the leather atmosphere ( and smell) of the BLUF party. Personally, I’d wave the dress code requirement for an active bootblack. And this is what AKA is also about. To get people of the same kink together and hopefully start their own initiative to do the things they love together or get more kink into the bars.

My dream of the future? To walk into an Amsterdam leather bar and see suspension bondage on the wall, a bootblack beside the bar, pups romping around on the boot-filled floor, CBT/TT on the barstools, an Amsterdam calendar overflowing with perverse meet-ups by the door and the sound of floggers, whips, muffled screams, sarcastic sniggering and panting in my ears…

I understand if you need a private (bathroom) moment to visualize that. Oh, and to make drunken stag-parties to be nervous again when they venture into OUR territory.