Master Olivier Pratt

Master Olivier Pratt originally hails from Nancy France and moved to the US in the mid 70's. He was introduced to the Leather lifestyle 25 years ago and since then he has traveled that path learning and experiencing all that he can. He celebrates and lives his life with his partner of 17 years John and Puppy of 6 years, Sparky.

Olivier is a current & founding member of Oklahoma Leather Guard, past member of NLA-OKC and NLA International. He has produced and promoted numerous contests, benefits and events throughout the world. He's held the titles of: International LeatherSIR 2007, South Central LeatherSIR 2007, Oklahoma LeatherSIR 2006/2007, Tulsa Mr. Leather 2005 and Mr. Playmor Leather 2005. To date Master Olivier has raised over $250,000.00 for charities across the North America.

Master Olivier is a Dominate Pig Top and equal opportunity sadist. If there’s no screaming, its no fun. His interests lie in Pup Play & Handling, Duct Tape, Spanking, Bondage, Flogging, Biting, Pits, Smells, Wax Play, Electricity, WS, CBT, TT, Interrogation, Domination/Humiliation, Vampirism, Caning, Bondage, Abduction, Ritualism, Spirituality and the Lifestyle and more.

His education and accreditations include; BA’s in Philosopy/Comparative Religions & Psychology from the University of Hawai’i, Ordained Deacon for the Roman Catholic Church and is a practicing eclectic Buddhist. He’s also one of the previous owners and Executive Co-Producers of International LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack.

He’s presented classes and workshops at; Thunder in the Mountains, Spring Iniquity, WOOLF, Southwest Leather, Leather Pride/BLUF – Amsterdam, Tribal Fire, Leather Camp, Beyond Vanilla, International LeatherSIR, Tulsa Mr. Leather, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, KCLU, Heart of America, Rio Grande Leather, Beyond Leather, Leather in the Woods, Gathering of the Clans, Twisted Tulsa, Southplains Leatherfest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Bearadise, HalloBearfest, Tulsa Dungeon Society, Mid Atlantic Leather and many more. He is part of Mama’s family as Mama’s “Olivier Twisted” and Mama’s “Tulsa Bear.”

He’s been the recipient of the Leather Pantheons awards for the South Central region & Couple of the Year, Kansas Leather Pride Award, OGRA Appreciation Award, Don Johnson Memorial Service Award and the T.U.L.S.A Fort/Pruitt Service award.

Master Olivier believes that a Leatherman is someone who is rebellious by nature, embraces radical sexual expression, has a deeply ingrained passion for all things in life, willing to test their own limitations with respect, dignity and insatiable curiosity. His desire is to help lead other people into the Leather, to help others better understand their own innate Leather heart and guide them in a journey of kinky self discovery.    




pup Sparky

Pup Sparky came into the Leather lifestyle 12 years ago. With the love and support of his Leather family he has been able to learn and grow both as a Leather boy and human being. Pup play, biting and duct tape are but a few of his passions.

Sparky has held the titles of International Leather boy 2007, South Central Leather boy 2007 and Oklahoma Leather boy 2007. He has presented & hosted classes/seminars/talks at; Tribal Fire, Tulsa Mr. Leather, Leather Pride/BLUF – Amsterdam, Southwest Leather, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, KCLU, Heart of America, Rio Grande Leather, Beyond Leather, Leather in the Woods, Gathering of the Clans, Southplains Leatherfest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Bearadise, Beyond Vanilla, Leather Camp, HalloBearfest, Thunder in the Mountains, Spring Inequity, TDS and MAL. He is part of Mama’s family as Mama’s pup Sparky and member of the Oklahoma Leather Guard.

Whenever in doubt, Sparky lets his own innate pup guide him through the mosh pit of life.  He believes that a boy’s mission is service both to his Sir and community. Both should always be done with the passion and playfulness that is innate to the spirit of a boy.  Sparky works in the Health food industry and operates his own business called Sparky’s Cheesecake Doghouse. He’s proudly collared to Master Olivier Pratt and believes that being a good devoted caring boy is one of the greatest pleasures in his life. When all else fails.. just say WOOF!