Past Instructors

I was always into bondage, but I discovered that the bondage i did was not up for the task. I looked for a better tying system now i do a mix of shibari and my one idea of bondage. My goal is to make bondage simple and aesthetic.

But that is rope wise, with the model/sub/slave,  I also have the idea to make them more than just a  bound objects, they are then my puppets  and I make them into a art piece for my shows and demos that i give throughout Europe.

Now i'm working hard to make a ongoing art installation where i make my models into a fixed art piece.

I hope i can try this out soon at Leather Pride 2016 


The Puppeteer also hosts the regular Ready to Play Party at Eagle Amsterdam - one of the first real play parties in Europe.

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Master Mason Alexander

Master Mason Alexander has been involved in the Leather/BDSM lifestyle for about 11 years. He is a member of NLA-OKC where he has served as the Sergeant at Arms and the Education Director. He has also served his community as Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2005. Master Mason has been the head Dungeon Master for Tribal Fire since it’s beginning. He is a sadist and a Top and prides himself on being an EOPD (equal opportunity pain distributor). He has presented at Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather Conference, Spring Iniquity, Pain on the Plains in Nebraska, In the Woods in Washington, MLT Weekend in Toronto, Black Leather Weekend in New Mexico, WOOLF in Wichita , Beyond Vanilla, Different Strokes and is a 6-time presenter for KCLU ( Kansas City Leather University ).

Master Mason is part of our family and one of our most experienced instructors; we hope to welcome him back next year!

Sir Tug

Tug Whitehead, hailing from Dallas, Texas, is the 2015 International LeatherSir. Tug expresses his respect for our community as a passionate protector of all things leather, fetish and kink.  While serving the title, and after, he is part of many global initiatives promoting leather, kink, fetish, anti-bullying, suicide and veterans’ awareness.

Although he doesn’t typically wear them, Tug proudly flags most colors; both left and right, and is a strong proponent of discipline and self-exploration. He feels strongly about the importance of inclusion of transgendered persons and Women in the community of leather, fetish, and kink.

Tug is an avid supporter of many community organizations and causes near to his heart.  As a US ARMY veteran, Tug spends much of his charitable energies with homeless military veterans, underprivileged children, and with people infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.

Tug is an avid sports fan and can normally be found on the rugby pitch or softball field.

Tug is proud to represent the Leather Community and serves it with humility, energy and a deep respect for all that it represents.


The Wolfpack was founded in 2015 by a group of young perverts, aiming to expose our brethren to the joys of BDSM and bring back the communal feeling to London's gay fetish scene. Born within the walls of the London Eagle, we host a monthly night designed to share a knowledge locked while being a no-pressure, light-hearted safe zone. 

Amsterdam Kink Academy is The Wolfpack's first venture outside of London - and we are very excited to meet you X3

A little about the crew coming to Kink Academy:

Dash is a young, excitable pup ready to mingle - "Dash pupsworth at your service! Aruff!" Find him on Recon at

Eddie is a hard, filthy, perverted, always horny, kinda sane-ish dom lad, pretty fucked up sexually and living an exciting life. Find him on Recon at

Craig is a service-oriented bondage cub who wants to show you a thing or two. You should see him polish a boot! Find him on Recon at

Ox is a curious switch, in constant search of new skills and experiences. If you've got a non-common fetish - he'd love to hear all about it :3 Find him at


(Our fifth member, Adam, will sadly not be present due to previous engagements – but he sends his love!)

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Dan Madden

Don't let his kind eyes and friendly demeanour fool you! Dan, Toronto’s Twisted Teddybear is a wickedly funny sadistic/masochistic switch who enjoys sharing his helpful ways to tease and torment our friends and lovers. He has presented for various groups across Canada, the US and Europe.  Dan was also a member of the Local Organizing Committee for Leather Leadership Conference XIV held in Detroit, MI. He currently co-produces the Central Canada Drummer contest.


Born and raised in Toronto, Dan has been both a collared boy and slave. Dan's volunteer work has been recognized with an Eastern Canada LeatherSir/Leatherboy “Community Builder” award and by being pinned into Mama's Family of Leather. In 2012 he was nominated for Toronto Leather Pride’s Man of the Year Award. He believes in and promotes fun and responsible play between consenting adults.

Again, to us, Dan is family - we hope to welcome him back soon!


Sir Robert Helms

Sir Robert Helms was born in Anchorage, Alaska to a father who served as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army and a mother who was a registered nurse.  Shortly after being born, the Army moved his family to San Antonio, Texas where his father retired from the military, then to Beaumont, Texas for his mother to take a position as a hospital administrator.  Sir Robert holds a B.F.A. degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Ceramics, Photography, and Art History.  After graduation from Lamar University in Beaumont, he became a sign language interpreter and shortly after, moved to Houston, Texas where he lives to this day and works as a nationally certified Sign Language Interpreter.

Sir Robert walked into his first Leather bar in 1995.  Standing at the bar he looked to his right and saw a Sir drinking a beer and getting his cock sucked by a very handsome boy and looking to his left saw two other hot Leather men talking about Martha Stewart and knew he had found his home.  It wasn't until after he moved to Houston in 2000 that he actively joined the Leather community.  In 2002, he co-founded the Leather Tourists group and in 2003 he joined the National Leather Association-Houston chapter and shortly after became President where he brought the chapter out of a slump bringing the membership up to over 50 active members as well as presenting two nationally recognized conferences (including one that hosted the controversial Guy Baldwin speech "Birds of a Feather.")  He is the current president of the National Leather Association-International and is completing his second and final term of office and is a proud member of Mama's Family as Mama's "Quick Fingers."

He has presented various workshops at Spring Iniquity and Beyond Vanilla as well as for private groups ranging from rope bondage, Egyptian Style Mummification, Gay Leather vs Straight Leather, Generational Issues in Ms/Ds relationships, Generational Issues in leadership roles, and Playing with People with Disabilities.  While primarily a rope top, his passions include electro play, Egyptian style mummification, flogging, whips, wax, humiliation, and race play.


WhipMaster Bob

WhipMaster Bob Clark has been involved in M/s relationships and the leather community for nearly 30 years, enjoying partnerships and play relationships with men and women, and enjoying every opportunity to meet new people. Heavily experienced in SM, and edge play in particular, he was gifted with his name through his prowess with singletails. He believes that honor and integrity are paramount in his relationships and dealings with everyone. His tastes in SM are as broad and varied as the lifestyle itself ranging from being a new player's "first time" to an advanced player's roller coaster ride operator. Although, pushing the envelope is a passion, and Bob believes the essence of edge play is pure, unadulterated and brutal truth. So, from a spiritual side, you could call him a seeker of truth. His philosophy and desire, is to make a positive difference within the community, believing that "paying it forward" does honor, to those that came before and taught him.

In the midst of all this serious truthseeking and pain dispensing, he manages to keep a great sense of humor and has had opportunity to travel the US teaching, having adventures, meeting people and teaching at events such as TESFest, Folsom Fringe, Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather and more.



RubberKai is a world traveling kinkster bases in Chicago, USA. He is on the board of Mister International Rubber and is a Member of Chicago Rubbermen. This Virgo enjoys switching  to tie boys up and get tied up by men. Rubberkai flags red, grey, and blue, also he flags yellow as top and will happily keep boys well watered. He and his husband have a loving and complex leather family whom they appreciate very much. RubberKai is ready to ethically slut around the world in gear!


Jeremy Stewart (pup itus)

Jeremy traces his love of leather to his early teen years when he discovered a Drummer Magazine in his friends dad’s room.  Since then he always has been fascinated with hypermasculinity and still enjoys day dreaming about the power exchange of daddy/son fantasies.  His fantasy of serving a Dom took an interesting turn when puppy play was introduced to him.  When Itus joined his first leather family he had no identity other than he knew he was a sub.  After months of training and servitude, Itus was told of this world where all of his desires, fantasies, and urges started to make sense, it wasn’t until the first night he slept at the foot of the bed, and awoke to jump on his Sir did his life begin to feel like his own.

After years of traveling and speaking about pup and the true heart and lifestyle, Itus accepted his first beta to mentor.  Through many trials and errors, Itus has grown to dedicate his pup life to mentor those who have that special heart inside of them, and prides himself on being an Alpha to those who wish to be who they are meant to be. 

Today Itus is the founder of the Detroit Kennel Club.  Puppy is his life, his heart, his desires, and his passion.