Sir Tug

Tug Whitehead, hailing from Dallas, Texas, is the 2015 International LeatherSir. Tug expresses his respect for our community as a passionate protector of all things leather, fetish and kink.  While serving the title, and after, he is part of many global initiatives promoting leather, kink, fetish, anti-bullying, suicide and veterans’ awareness.

Although he doesn’t typically wear them, Tug proudly flags most colors; both left and right, and is a strong proponent of discipline and self-exploration. He feels strongly about the importance of inclusion of transgendered persons and Women in the community of leather, fetish, and kink.

Tug is an avid supporter of many community organizations and causes near to his heart.  As a US ARMY veteran, Tug spends much of his charitable energies with homeless military veterans, underprivileged children, and with people infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.

Tug is an avid sports fan and can normally be found on the rugby pitch or softball field.

Tug is proud to represent the Leather Community and serves it with humility, energy and a deep respect for all that it represents.