Jeremy Stewart (pup itus)

Jeremy traces his love of leather to his early teen years when he discovered a Drummer Magazine in his friends dad’s room.  Since then he always has been fascinated with hypermasculinity and still enjoys day dreaming about the power exchange of daddy/son fantasies.  His fantasy of serving a Dom took an interesting turn when puppy play was introduced to him.  When Itus joined his first leather family he had no identity other than he knew he was a sub.  After months of training and servitude, Itus was told of this world where all of his desires, fantasies, and urges started to make sense, it wasn’t until the first night he slept at the foot of the bed, and awoke to jump on his Sir did his life begin to feel like his own.

After years of traveling and speaking about pup and the true heart and lifestyle, Itus accepted his first beta to mentor.  Through many trials and errors, Itus has grown to dedicate his pup life to mentor those who have that special heart inside of them, and prides himself on being an Alpha to those who wish to be who they are meant to be. 

Today Itus is the founder of the Detroit Kennel Club.  Puppy is his life, his heart, his desires, and his passion.