Skin Pup Grasper

Skin Pup Grasper

I have been a gay skinhead for almost 10 years now, and it has really enriched my life for many reasons mainly because of the group i associate with, their all mega friendly always up for a good laugh and a drink,when people say skinhead you instantly think thug, but that is a misconception. Yes there is part of, if not most of the fetish skin scene that captivates on that, but its not what being a skinhead is about. It is about unity, its about standing up for who you are, its about being proud! And for a lot of people it steams from music! Just as the classic skins of 69! We are gay skinheads are no less than straight skinheads, we are all enriching and adding  to as well as supporting the culture, I myself am a full time skinhead, its not just a fetish for me, its a lifestyle,so here is the story of my first experiance, an experiance that changed me, made me more confident and helped forge an unbreakable bond of friendship and brotherhood.

The story I am about to tell you took place when I was 17, (at least I think it did, I can remember in vivid detail everything that happened over the weekend but I cannot remember my age) I had only been on the scene about a year after meeting a Master where things did not turn out so well. I always knew I had fetish’s for uniforms and boots, but I never knew the depths to which it would take me, On my journey to becoming a skinhead, To claiming a fetish of leather gloves even as far as becoming an ash tray to a cigar smoking Boss, When I look back on it now I am so happy I took this journey and so proud of who I became, and still shudder to think how it may never had happened.

It started on gear fetish, I was talking to Boss Danny’s Partner just socially, until he told me his partner was a skinhead, my interest was peaked and I struck up a conversation with Boss, Things went well in the initial conversations over the next few weeks between us, we got on really well and began to form a strong bond of friendship, (a bond that despite two fall outs is as strong as ever).

Now I forget to mention at this time, I was still in college, and had a rather large mop of scruffy hair, that came with the nickname shaggy, Boss had talked time and time again of shaving my head, not complety bald but just grading it the thought of which excited and scared me.

The time came for a meet; the time had come to be transformed and to be shaved. I am ashamed to say that I chickened out twice on arranged meets before I finally bit the bullet and journeyed to Barnsley,  Boss was working at the time and could not get the day off to meet me, which was fine I hung out with his partner for the day and stewed in anticipation waiting and waiting for the moment Boss would arrive home from work, I still remember how my heart leapt into my throat at the first site of him in his tall black boots and tight bleached jeans,  He ignored me completely until he had done what he needed to do the evening before finally approaching me. There were no social pretences I was told to stand and lead into the kitchen a stool and handcuffs were waiting for me.

I was promptly handcuffed to the stool gagged with a piece of gaffa tape (duct tape to those in America) and watched wide eyed and he pulled on a pair of tight, black leather gloves “so, you want to be a skinhead, you want to be MY skinhead?” I nodded “well  then, this has got to go” he grabbed my hair shaking my head a little, I heard a buzz of graders and saw my hair fall in front of my face as I was shaved for the first and not the last time.

Boss Danny & Skin Pup Grasper

Boss Danny & Skin Pup Grasper

After I was shaved I stripped and was lead into the bathroom to have the excess itchy hair removed then brought back into the living room and given a crash course on skinhead attire, and dressed in various hand me downs from Boss,  the evening progressed with my first experiences of boot licking, GOM & of course cigar play. The first smell and taste of the sweet cigar smoke still makes my lips tingle as I think about it now and every time I light up. When it came to bedtime, I insisted that I did not want to remove my gear; it felt right I knew I had found who I wanted to be! Who I was! (A conversation with my father a few weeks later revealed he was a skinhead “back in the day”) so this could attribute to my feelings of being reunited with myself.

So I slept in the skin gear given to me by my eternal keeper, BOSS DANNY! 

The events that took place next I will never forget for as long as I live, I fell asleep watching Friends on a portable TV in their spare room, and out of the darkness a leather glove snaps closed across my mouth waking me instantly, I open my eyes wide with feat and stare directly into Boss’s alive with passion and pleasure in my rude awakening and fear. Three words were whispered into my ear “Be Still, you’re mine now boy” as he light up a cigar, and smoked it whilst he entered me, occasionally pushing the cigar into my mouth through his gloved hand that stayed tight over my mouth.

Now almost 9 years on Boss Danny and I are still in touch, and I am still in servitude to him, which an added bonus of a partner of my own, A year after meeting Dan, I met my own partner and managed to Turn him down the skinhead path, and we continue to learn and grow and sometimes play together.

Story and Pics Copyright Skin Pup Grasper