The Euro Family

The Euro Family

First and foremost, we are all members of the same Leather Family. Although we met many years ago, the family started during April 2006. We have organised BLUF Amsterdam events since 2006, and in 2009 we arranged our 1st Bondage Workshop with Dart in association with RoB Amsterdam.

At Leather Pride 2010 we arranged a second, larger, Bondage Workshop with Dart in Club Fuxxx, and at this time we also met Master Oliver and pup Sparky. Leather Pride 2012 Saw the foundation of Amsterdam Kink Academy and our biggest event yet - AKA 2012. A Series of workshops held at The Eagle and Dirty Dicks every day of Leather Pride. The events were a huge success! 

 We are:

Master Charles (Twitter : @SirCharlesNL, Recon : SirCharles, GayRomeo : Sir_Charles, BLUF : #825)

I came out as gay and as a Leatherman about 20 years ago. I am really addicted to leather and especially into heavy padded leather, like Langlitz and VK79 gear. I started out as a submissive and quickly became a very heavy one. You can say deep black ;-). When my Master died 10 years ago, I began to explore the dominant side in me. That turned me on so much, that I have been a Top from that time on. And as a Top, I am again into heavy play, mainly focused on whipping and heavy leather bondage. During one evening of the leatherpride week in 1998, in one of the bars in Amsterdam, I met my bf, and a couple of years later, Sir Dave (my BFF) Together we own our family pup, Squeek. Recently, I also collared my first slave.

Master Dave (Twitter : @Leatherscot. Recon: Leatherscot BLUF # 828)

My fetish life started in the UK before leaving to live and work in mainland european countries and the East and West coast US. I developed trust in many people and learned from them, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I was mentored whilst living in San Francisco by a great Master/Slave couple, and continue to learn about new kinks and develop the ones I already practice. I collared my boy in 2006, and we started the leather family with Sir Charles (my BFF) & my boy. In April 2010 we collared and named our family pup, squeek. 

the boy (Twitter & most places : @gaosnl, Recon : Junior72, BLUF #2020)

I have been in the leather scene for about 2 decades now. Initially, i started out as a submissive, tried my hand as being dominant and am now a collared alpha boy to Master Dave. I quess you could say I'm a brat-type of submissive and quite the handfull. Not withstanding my experience, i still feel like I'm growing as a leatherman every day and probably always will. You may know me as the doorman at BLUF events checking the dresscode. ( yep, THAT guy)

Pup squeek (Twitter : @pup_Squeek, Recon : KinkubFR)

Wruff! Wuf Wuff Wuff Wuff Wuff, Wrruff 

Pup sniffer (Recon: Pupsniffer)

At Folsom Europe 2013, we collared our new pup, sniffer, a beta brother for Squeek.




If you are wondering why there is a picture of another pup at the top of the page, well, you'll only get to know him when you really get to know us!!